Finding solutions to our clients obstacles by listening to what they have to say first, then relying on sound research and our years of experience, provides a solid foundation for good decision making based on solid information. Building and maintaining a strong relationship with our clients is paramount and solving their problems is a great way to start. Creating a beautiful, successful project is very much like putting together a puzzle, all the pieces have to fit. Our proven problem-solving abilities and emphasis on long-lasting, sustainable design guide the client through the design and construction process to beautiful, enduring solutions.

Capgemini - BullStreet


Altman Lobby and Stairs





Creating beautiful projects is about much more than how your building looks to someone passing by. Maximizing the use of your site, orienting the doors and windows to allow natural light, views and energy efficiency, are just the beginning of a well designed building. Navigating the zoning and landscape ordinances, insuring Design Review Board approval and meeting building and energy code requirements are the first steps in creating a functional, durable, sustainable building you will be proud to own.


We have developed a niche for Adaptive Reuse. We update systems and infrastructure, which gives the building another 50-75 years of useful life without extensive renovations! This is not only a very sustainable approach to design and construction, but also is typically much more cost efficient than tearing down and rebuilding. With 30 years of experience and over 200 completed renovation projects, our expert team renovates, updates and adapts existing structures for new, energy efficient and sustainable use.


We take great care in researching and understanding the original materials and construction techniques used in the structure, so any new work will match the historic characteristics that give these buildings their charm and grace. Our team of experts has extensive experience in navigating the guidelines and requirements for historic buildings, but that is only the beginning. We can also provide research for historic tax credits, loans, and grants for historic structures or buildings located in historic districts, to minimize investment and maximize our clients’ profit.


Client Testimonials

Dan has been a valuable member of our team for many years, we have completed many beautiful, profitable projects together.

Ben Arnold· Arnold Companies Developers

Thanks for all your help Dan. You always remember the people who stand by you during tough times my friend. Thank you.

Jeff Prioreschi· US Development Group

Dan….THANK YOU for all your help!!! This has been an amazing project!! Thank you!!

Sandy McGuckin· First Base Building Interior Renovations