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Our Core Value: Integrity Above All Else!

With over 28 years of architectural design experience, we are experts in the field. You can be sure we know the ins and outs of zoning, permits and the steps that go into building, renovating and preservation. We go above and beyond to make sure your project is done adeptly.

Rock climbing has been an important activity in Dan’s life and experiences and lessons learned from it have helped to form the basic principles of Sherer & Associates, propelling our clients’ projects to new heights. A good Base Camp sets up a good rock climb. That foundation and essence of preparation and skill is what makes Sherer & Associates different!

Historic preservation and commercial renovations are our specialty and we have extensive design experience in both new construction and renovation. We are also big believers in sustainability.

Our clients are driven, motivated professionals who demand the highest quality construction, innovative design solutions and greater return on investment. Our list of completed projects is vast and includes retail, office buildings and office up-fittings, educational facilities, warehouse and distribution centers and multi-family residential.

Responding to our clients’ needs, just as we would in a rock climb, which is about facing different challenges…not a predetermined design philosophy, is the driving force of our success. The fact that over 75% of our design fees are generated from projects for repeat clients and referrals is a definite source of pride!

At Sherer & Associates, we are committed to keeping it positive. As a service oriented business we stay on top of progressive and innovative technology and take the time to really understand your vision!

Dan Sherer

Principal and Founder

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Bringing Structure to Life!

Bringing Structure to Life!

"Great Design takes us beyond the complex, the unnecessary and the confusing, to the clear, simple and meaningful"

Tim Brown· CEO of IDEO

“We systematically explore and evaluate a broad range of options before committing to any, so that we can fully commit and Go Big on the few really exceptional solutions to a design problem"

Dan Sherer· Sherer and Associates, LLC