Years ago, the Altman Family ran a furniture store on King Street in Charleston, which is now becoming a high rent retail district. This was an older, underutilized building located in a historic district. The sons, who had left the family business and became attorneys, decided it was time to move back into their family building. They asked our team to bring it back up to usable condition.

We gutted the interior and put offices on the second floor, with new staircases and elevators to reach them. The new plan included open work spaces for collaboration, and quiet meeting spaces with glass walls to allow natural light throughout the space. The building went from rough-looking and deteriorated to a beautiful, updated feel. There is now a restaurant/ grocery store on the first floor, which is a nice return to retail usage! The family name is still on the building.

As time passes, it’s clear, there’s always a cycle, an up and down and revitalizing Columbia and Charleston neighborhoods is part of that cycle. What was “in style” and desirable in the past, commonly makes a comeback generations’ later.