When TCube Solutions asked us to help them resolve their space planning issues, they were literally working on top of each other, due to very rapid growth. They were “bursting out at the seams” and needed more space and needed it fast.

The main concept is no assigned seats, but instead long tables and other areas to encourage collaboration are included. They desired an industrial look and wanted the ductwork and structural elements exposed, and not too many walls.  Actually most of the interior and exterior walls are glass, and conference rooms and meeting rooms dot the open plan.

Very few people have assigned seats; just four groups of four leaders, called project architects, sit in special spots. The only person who has a private office is the accountant.  Not even the CEO has a private office!  Conference rooms are located in the middle of the space with glass walls facing the exterior of the space, to take advantage of the views. They can take a break from work and watch baseball during the season, or just enjoy the view year round!

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